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A little bit of  then with some history in the making

Welcome to our site...


and thanks for taking the time to visit.  Your business is very important to us and something we've always immensely valued, going all the way back to the late 1980's. At that time, my brothers and I had the distinct pleasure of working side by side with our dad, Jerry R. Daniels, the man who established what would become this ongoing family business.  Not only did he instill within us the necessity of always prioritizing customer service, but he fervently insisted on sheer excellence, producing only that which we would each strongly desire for ourselves.  Quality of work meant getting it done by fully and properly finishing the job; (i.e.) structural and cosmetic integrity was always emphasized and never compromised.


The products you see on these pages represent only a small fraction of a much larger collection of such work.  In our heyday, we distributed to over 500 retailers in the metro Detroit area, expanding that number to include stores in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and northern Kentucky.  After his passing in 2001, the business remained operative, yet retail exposure was reduced to a much smaller, yet still integral, number of valued accounts.  

16 years later,  I decided to rededicate our efforts towards providing that same level of customer service and quality as was delivered in the past, with additional medium uses walking us right up into the future.  The products you see below may be finished in a different manner (distressed looks/antiqued finishes), yet still depict the same high-quality workmanship we've always demanded.  Some are brand new designs with unique, one-of-a kind looks, appealing to millenials and prior generations alike,




while others are more established sand/epoxy pieces with updated finishes

(also made with the demands and interests of multiple generations in mind).


Either way, all items are indoor/outdoor safe, and can be used in aquariums (fresh or salt water), ponds, patios, porches, pools or perhaps even ... ???   What an opportunity to even invite the natural, refreshing feel of the outdoors to liven up the "living" rooms of your home.  The possible uses are practically endless.  


This site will evolve over time, as did the increasing number of pre-cast designs we offered in the past (and will soon be "re represented" on this site  :-). 

Stay tuned and again, many thanks for tuning in.  We appreciate your time.

David J Daniels

Shelby Twp., MI

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